A comfortable single person chamber, the Shallow Dive provides economical space for 1 adult with the same quality as our other products and comes with a standard 2 year warranty.

External furniture grade PVC frame included
Camp style mat

All STS chambers accept the Shallow Dive come with internal and external gauges. To add one to the Shallow Dive or replace one: $60 plus $25 shipping.
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At 26 inches in diameter and 7.5 feet long, the Shallow Dive provides ample space for one adult and is easy to use. It offers the same quality as our other products at a very affordable price. The double-sided full-length zippers allow for easy entry and exit from inside or outside the chamber. The Shallow Dive comes with a high efficiency electric air pump with patented sound suppression, plus in-line air filtration. All models come with our standard two-year warranty with the option to purchase extended warranties. Additional Specifications:

Estimated shipping costs for the Shallow Dive within the U.S. is $200. (excludes AK, HI) Optional upgrade to 1.5 ATA for international customers only $2000 (per FDA regulations, this option is not available in the US)


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