January 2019

“My name is Mary Anne, and I have had MS for close to 30 years now. I am writing this to tell anyone out there with MS to give Hyperbaric a try.

It is hard to believe, but quite amazingly true, HBOT works! I am getting my life back and so can you.

Two and a half years ago they had diagnosed me with progressive MS, the most severe kind of MS and nothing anyone wants to hear. At the time I was in a wheelchair, dependent on 1 or 2 people to get me into and out of the wheelchair. I was not able to walk or drive; my feet were numb all the time and I was starting to have a great deal of difficulty swallowing (choking a lot) due to MS.

I had my first Hyperbaric treatment two years ago. After the first treatment I had the feeling back in my feet. I started going to Community Hyperbaric three times a week for an hour each time. As time went by I was having improvements, like being able to stand and take a step or two. After 40 treatments (1 hour each) the improvements became steady and I was able to reduce my time to ½ hour a day, taking Sundays off.

At present I am thankfully no longer in a wheelchair. I am able to walk short distances without any assistance and walk longer distances holding on to my friend and caregiver Linda’s arm. My goal is to be totally independent, which I know will come some day soon.”


March 2018

WCAX Article featuring Grace Johnstone, DC