Hyperbaric Chamber Cooler

Now you can cool the air as it enters your chamber. Newtowne’s Chamber Cooler will maintain the temperature inside your chamber during your treatment without having to add ice or water. The Newtowne Chamber Cooler can stay plugged in so it is ready to go when you are—yearly cost is only $31 to run 24/7 all year long.

  •  Maintains or Cools the temperature inside the chamber
  •  NO ICE or WATER required
  •  Stays plugged in and cool so it is ready when you are
  •  Universal compatibility with other in home chambers
  •  Economical—$31 per year to run 24/7


Works with Newtowne and Summit to Sea chambers


$625 + shipping with the purchase of a Newtowne Chamber


$725 + shipping for all other brands of Mild Hyperbaric Chambers


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